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Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Hiral Kotak, (known as Eyebrows By Hiral), and I am a certified semi-permanent make-up and micro-blading master.

Since I was a little girl I had always wanted to become involved in Medical and had ambitions of becoming a Doctor. Instead I studied IT but felt restless as I was not satisfying the creative side of my nature. With a fascination for fashion and beauty, I decided to go down this route in order to make good use of my artistic skills.

  • Passionate about the art of make-up, my aim is to provide every client with the perfect treatment, enhancing their natural beauty by enhancing brows, lashes and Lips. Whatever your age, style or type of skin, I can complement your look by using carefully honed techniques that will apply semi-permanent make-up of the highest pharmaceutical quality. Whatever type of make-up I am applying, I love the difference that it makes to every woman’s confidence and beauty, particularly micro-blading which is a fantastic technique that makes a world of difference to eyebrows. When clients visit my salon, they leave with a no-fuss beautiful face, knowing that they will wake up looking exactly the same every day. Whatever type of look you want; natural, high glamour or classic, I know exactly what to do in order to make the most of the beauty you were born with, accentuating eyes, outlining and enhancing the fullness and colour of lips and feathering or contouring brows.

  • A professional microblading master and certified professional permanent make-up artist, I will make you look radiant and youthful, whether you opt for cosmetic enhancement or restorative services. I take my time with each session, never rushing you and working through a series of colours and contours to provide the precise look that you are seeking. Once we have achieved this together, once you have approved the look, I will proceed with the application of the semi-permanent make-up to your skin. Having worked with many trainers to perfect my own unique micro-blading technique, I have studied intensely, ensuring that I use only the most suitable strokes, patterns and applications of pigment and shading to create hyper-realistic results. With thousands of clients making use of my services and returning on a regular basis, I constantly receive fantastic 5-Star reviews and superb feedback. For natural-looking brows and professionally applied semi-permanent make-up to lips and eyes, call on Eyebrows By Hiral. I look forward to enhancing your beauty.

Why Choose Eyebrows by Hiral

Choose Eyebrows by Hiral for flawless brows that redefine perfection, crafted with meticulous artistry and expertise.Discover why discerning individuals choose Eyebrows by Hiral: our unwavering commitment to precision, quality, and personalized eyebrow transformations.


Experience the difference with Eyebrows by Hiral - where passion for brows meets cutting-edge techniques, delivering results that exceed expectations.


Why settle for ordinary when you can choose extraordinary? Eyebrows by Hiral offers bespoke eyebrow designs tailored to your unique features and style.


Trust your brows to the experts. Eyebrows by Hiral combines years of experience, innovative techniques, and the highest safety standards for stunning, long-lasting results.



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What Are They Saying About Hiral

My mum and I have been seeing Hiral for more than 5 years now for microblading and threading. Wherever Hiral goes, we can’t help but follow because there isn’t anyone else quite like her in Melbourne! The best in the eyebrow business ❤️

Dior Matijaz

I used to undermine the importance of well-shaped eyebrows until I met Hiral back in 2017. I see her regularly for threading, tinting and nano brows. Her skill comes from being able to look at a person and visualise how the eyebrows should look to bring out your natural facial features. She is warm, kind and takes her time with every client. She always asks questions to balance what you want with her expertise as a brow artist. I often get complimented on my brows and always recommend Hiral. Make an appointment with Hiral if you want your eyebrows done right! 😊

Randelle Anderson

Hiral is just amazing at what she does! I got my eyebrows first microbladed by her 5 years ago and have seen her for regular touchups since. The ink she uses looks very natural and does not fade to a red tone like I've seen in some others. The eyebrows look very natural and I never have to use a eyebrow pencil anymore. I really recommend her!

Mona T.

I had my first eyebrow work done by Hiral a couple of years ago. Hiral is professional, friendly, and always very supportive with my post care. A very happy regular client now indeed! I recommended a family member last year who was also very satisfied with having her eyebrow work done by Hiral. I highly recommend Hiral and her amazing services to anyone! ❤️

Natalia Armstrong

I have been seeing Hiral for micro blading for over 3 years and l am always amazed by her skill and precision. Hiral is a perfectionist and just a genuinely kind person, I cannot recommend her highly enough. ​

Sarah French

I've been seeing Hiral for nearly 8 years, minus the lock down periods. The reason I keep going back is because of how professional, skilled and kind hearted she is. Hiral always takes the time to explain things to me and always asks what I'm looking for. I always leave feeling so amazing at what she's done and because of all the laughs. I would highly recommend Hiral to anyone looking for eyebrow or eyelash work. ​

Erin O'berin

Hiral has the expertise, precision, warmth, and patience to leave you feeling your very best. I am a 110% completely satisfied with her skills and the outcome of my eyebrow shape and colour! Excellent instructions for post-feathering care, clean and comfortable premises (currently some days in Albert Park), and a little video to help you locate the room, which is accessed from just around the corner to the pharmacy. Thank you, Hiral!​

Tina Wolosiuk


Check Frequently Asked Questions

Is the procedure and pigment safe?

Yes. It has been proven safe through time. We use quality pigment lotions based on iron oxide, a safe non-reactive substance. The pigment lotions are specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin.

Do I need to schedule time off work?

It’s not necessary. There is no down time following the procedure. Hair strokes produce almost completely natural eyebrows so you can still go on daily life without swelling or other issues.

Am I a good candidate for micro blading?

Any busy, active women or men who want to save time on their brows are great candidates. People who have trouble filling their brows or experience hair thinning or loss are also suitable candidates. Individuals with dry or normal to combination skin types are ideal candidates as the brow strokes will show up very crisply and clearly. Persons with oily to severely oily skin can experience softer lines, as their skin type is not as ideal for the process.

When will I see results?

The results are immediate. Although it does take 5-7 days for the initial healing process, followed by 30 days for the pigment to fully incorporate.

How long does the healing process take?

The skin is not considered to be completely HEALED until after 21 days of a full cycle of cellular regeneration, but your procedure areas will appear and feel normal within 8-10 days.

Is the touch up session necessary?

It is highly advised, so that the features look refined and perfect. A touch-up session is done 6-12 weeks following the initial procedure to let the area fully heal – no earlier. There may be some areas where the pigment did not reach, and will need to be touched up.

does it hurt?

Topical anaesthetic is applied to numb the area and minimize discomfort so this reduces the pain level. However, the pain threshold varies from client to client as it is dependent on the pain tolerance of each individual.

How long does a session take?

All eyebrow, lip and eyeliner procedures can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. This takes into consideration of the whole procedure including shaping, planning and tattooing, where the tattooing itself should be under 1 hour. Touch-up sessions is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.

How do you select the color and shape?

During your session, we will discuss your preferences. It would be great if you could bring in photo references of colour and shape you are after. Together, we will draw the shape and design of your ideal brow and will only start on the procedure once you have approved.


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